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Watch out for your car this Friday 13th

13 May 2005
Most people might dismiss the superstitions surrounding Friday 13th, but it's certainly not worth taking a risk on the roads today.

Whilst the number of car accidents does not seem to rise on a Friday 13th specifically, Friday is one of the most dangerous days for driving, according to Hyperformance, part of the Allen and Allen Group.

Hyperformance found that forty per cent of reported car accidents occurred on a Friday, so it really is worth ensuring your car insurance is up to date and fully comprehensive today.

Ensuring that you stay alert at all times at the wheel, take extra care in unfamiliar areas and always drive with full insurance can all help to improve your safety on the roads.

"The point is that whether based on hard fact, perception or even superstition, anything that makes motorists stop and think about what they are doing and alters their approach to driving can help to improve road safety," said Steve McPherson of Hyperformance.

Police research into the causes of car accidents found that the top five factors were a driver's failure to judge another motorist's trajectory or speed, reckless behaviour, inattention, failing to see and speeding.

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