Wii workout warning for women: home insurance may be needed!

17 June 2008 / by Joy Tibbs
In a bid to counter the effects of rising inflation, many women have decided to swap expensive gym membership fees with home workout options.

One particularly popular workout tool is the Nintendo Wii; however, this and other indoor equipment can lead to accidental damage and personal injury according to Sheilas' Wheels Home Insurance.

Its study revealed that almost a fifth of women (18 per cent) who exercise indoors have suffered some sort of accident while working out over the last year. The most common was bumping into furniture (30 per cent) and pulling a muscle (19 per cent). But some have been more serious, for example tripping over a pet (18 per cent) and banging their head (13 per cent).

While exercising at home, vases were the most commonly damaged item with just under 2.5 million women (eight per cent) having smashed one. An astonishing 615,422 (two per cent) have damaged their televisions – many getting a little carried away on computer consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii, which involves handheld controls.

Exercising at home has risen in popularity since the recent launch of the Wii Fit console; 86 per cent of respondents either already own a Wii or plan to buy one.

Jacky Brown at Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance, said: "As summer holidays fast approach, the pressure is on for women to have a bikini-fit body. However, our research shows that many are shying away from gyms and are increasingly keen to exercise at home, to save time and - in the current economic climate - to save money.

"Although indoor fitness can be a great way to build some regular activity into your daily routine, exercise a little restraint and prepare your at-home keep fit area thoroughly beforehand. Sheilas’ Wheels urges women to make sure that they have adequate cover against accidental damage in their home before embarking on any indoor fitness regime."

Meanwhile, a rise in the use of technical gadgets among men could also increase the need for home insurance cover, and the Wii is again one of the major reasons. According to a new Father's Day-related study from Friends Provident, 44 per cent of dads regularly use an iPod or MP3 player, 38 per cent have a Nintendo Wii or similar and a quarter own and frequently play on a PSP or Nintendo DS.

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