Advice and loans to help crack debt

21 March 2006
A combination of advice and specialised credit could help lift the burden of debt.

While personal debts have been mounting in recent years, credit is still reasonably cheap meaning that there is a good chance of putting any financial problems right.

Low interest rates mean that affordable debt consolidation loans are available to help people who may have over-extended themselves.

As well as additional loans, specialist advice is also on offer for those unsure about how best to deal with their problems.

"The first stage is to do a personal budget listing your income and all essential outgoings to keep the roof over your head," a spokesman for National Debtline suggests.

"This includes mortgage, rent, fuel, council tax, water, phone, housekeeping, travel.

"This will allow an adviser to look at your whole financial position and look at what options might be suitable for you."

Personal debt in the UK topped £1 trillion last year.

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