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British travellers spend more time, and money, abroad

11 April 2005
Figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that the number of trips overseas taken by British residents increased during 2004, as did the amount of money they spent when abroad.

According to the ONS, the total number of foreign trips taken by UK residents increased by four per cent between February 2004 and the same time this year.

The figures also suggest that British holidaymakers and business travellers are becoming more adventurous - visits to western Europe fell by one per cent, whilst trips to America grew by 16 per cent and holidays in the rest of the world rocketed by almost a quarter.

Neither were British travellers keen to keep the purse strings tied when they were abroad - spending by British people overseas grew by five per cent over the last year, the figures reveal.

The appeal of exotic destinations was enhanced by the Royal Bank of Scotland last week, which found that the strength of the pound against currencies in far-flung destinations could see British travellers enjoy added spending power.

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