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Fair Investment launches free guide to identity theft in National Identity Fraud Awareness Week

12 October 2007 / by None
This week (October 8-12) marks National Identity Fraud Awareness Week, and independent online financial website,, has launched a free online guide about identity theft - how to prevent it and what to do if you become a victim.

According to statistics released by the Home Office, despite the increased publicity surrounding identity fraud, 79% of people are still being careless with their personal details – getting hold of documents that contain personal details is one of the easiest ways for a potential fraudster to steal an identity.

Government research shows that 19 million households put sensitive materials in their household waste and recycling bins, with a third of people throwing away everything a fraudster needs in order to steal an identity – passports, driving licenses, CVs and utility bills. Furthermore, an alarming 11 per cent of people throw away whole credit and debit card numbers, presenting thieves with the perfect opportunity to start using their card.

In response to the statistics, and in support of National Identity Fraud Awareness Week, has produced a FREE Guide to Identity Fraud . The guide has information on what identity theft actually is, how to detect it, simple measures that people can take to protect themselves, and what to do if it happens to them.

It also contains real life stories from people who have been victims of identity fraud, who talk about the stress and inconvenience it has caused them to help highlight the enormity of the issue.

“Over recent years, as fraudsters have become more organized, using the internet and other sources to steal people’s personal information, identity theft has become a bigger and bigger issue, which is why it is now more important than ever that we take every possible to step to safeguard our identities,” says James Caldwell, director of Fair Investment Company.

He continues, “Our free and easy to use Guide to Identity Fraud will help people to do this, offering help and advice about identity theft - what it is, what steps to take in order to prevent it, how you know you’ve been a victim, and what to do in order to repair the damage.”

Use’s new FREE Guide to Identity Fraud

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