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First borns like Victoria Beckham make the best entrepreneurs

04 December 2007
The oldest child of a family is the most likely to succeed in starting up their own business, research from Barclays Local Business has found.

The survey of chief executives of small businesses in the UK revealed that more than a third of British entrepreneurs are the eldest child, compared to just 27 per cent which said that they were the youngest sibling.

This evidence is supported by big businesses that started small by bosses such as Sir Richard Branson, and a number of other high profile success stories that are also the first born, such as Victoria Beckham, JK Rowling, and Winston Churchill. Tim Campbell, winner of BBC's The Apprentice, is also the eldest offspring in his family.

Barclays' research said that the first born is typically conscientious, organised and responsible that aim high and are competitive – qualities which describe an effective business leader. They commonly have better results on intelligence and achievement tests when compared to the other children in their family.

John Davis, marketing director for Barclays Local Business said: "The survey reveals what many people, particularly younger siblings like myself, may have suspected for a long while; when it comes to taking charge, eldest children are more than happy to be the boss!

"Perhaps the experience of helping to look after younger brothers and sisters early in life is a breeding ground for good management skills giving our oldest children a head start when it comes to business?"

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