Holidaymakers urged to budget

23 August 2007
Holidaymakers in the UK are being urged to set strict daily budgets while on holiday, in order to avoid accumulating heavy debts leading to financial difficulty.

Experts at the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) advise consumers to set out spending plans for the holidays, amid concerns that the holiday season can prove very expensive.

As such, it is recommended that living costs are calculated in advance as well as day-to-day spending, rather than getting into debt and having to rely on savings or loans to get out of trouble.

"If you are going abroad you need to think about what the living costs are there," commented CCCS spokesperson Frances Walker.

"If you really can't afford to go on holiday you have to accept that."

Research from suggests that somewhere in the region of 12 million Brits go into debt in order to pay for their holidays each year.

Cycling holidays are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with research from Mintel estimating the total UK spend on the vacations to be £120 million for 2006, according to Lifestyle Extra.

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