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10 August 2006
As the race to become one of the first motorists to own one of the brand new '56' car registration plates hots up, has given consumers a helpful hint for saving money on a new car – buy online.

With the new plates being released on September 1st, many consumers will be gearing up to get the relevant financing or purchase loans to splash out on a new set of wheels, another area that says the internet can help with.

"Consumers are getting savvier about shopping online for many things, such as financial products, groceries and holidays," said John Sexton, head of cars for the internet site, "but when it comes to buying a new car some people are still hesitant to look online, preferring to visit their local dealer instead.

"Buying online is really the best way to save money as many 'high street' dealers often won't negotiate enough on new cars to reach a competitive price.

"As our research shows, in some cases you can expect to knock a staggering 38 per cent from the list price when searching online, saving you literally thousands on your dream car."

The website's findings showed that savings could be as much as £7,500 on the price of a new Audi A4 Saloon, while the most popular new car in searches, the Volkswagen Gold Hatchback, has a saving of nearly £5,000 on the internet when compared to a dealer.

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