Free cinema tickets on Barclays new student account

19 June 2007
Barclays have upped their benefits for students buy adding cinemas tickets to their student package for 2007.

Students who open a Student Additions bank account and take out a Student Barclaycard are entitled to 12 free cinema tickets.

The Student Additions bank account has a £1,000 interest free overdraft, which goes up to £2,000 after the first year, and the student Barclaycard has a credit limit of £600.

Students can also get Barclays Students Possessions insurance from £2 a month, which includes cover for contents when they are removed during holidays, and when on the road between home and university.

The benefits for young people continue after graduation with the graduate package, which offers an overdraft of up to £3,000 and mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover as a £5 a month deal.

Andrew Harris, Head of Current Accounts at Barclays, said: “We understand that being a student can be financially demanding and that there are many other things students want to be doing rather than worrying about their finances.

“Barclays is therefore offering a straightforward way to take the hassle out of managing money with a comprehensive package and financial support to enable students to make the most of university life.”

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