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Accident Life Insurance

Protect Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is mostly all about probabilities, and accidents by their very nature are unpredictable events.  For most policy holders, if they are unfortunate enough to die as the result of an accident their life insurance policy will ensure that their families receive some form of financial payout.

The type of insurance payout that will be received will of course depend on the type of life insurance policy that had been taken out. While most people in the UK will live out a life that broadly adheres to the national life expectancy rate, there are some groups who are more likely to become ill or be involved in an accident.


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Life insurance premiums for these individuals will tend to be higher and they may even be subject to exclusions. Examples of these kinds of people are:
  • Individuals involved in what are termed ‘high risk occupations’ such as members of the armed forces will face both an increased chance of accidents and life insurance premiums that are higher than average
  • The same applies for people who partake in sports or pastimes that are considered to be dangerous, such as skydiving
    It is worth noting that even for these groups, despite life insurance companies perceiving an increased risk of an accident, life insurance can still be affordable and manageable.

The importance of surveying a number of different life insurance quotes is of the upmost importance when dealing with such an important financial decision, one that could have big ramifications for your family and loved ones.