Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone: The only gadget you need...

The Apple iPhone is a multimedia and internet-enabled mobile phone designed to act as a camera, a multimedia player, internet browser, a text messaging service and, of course, a telephone. The iPhones specifications include:


  • Basic 3G iPhone,16GB or 32GB flash drive
  • 3.5-inch multi-use touch-screen 
  • Local Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 3 megapixel camera


The Apple iPhone has a multi-touch screen, a virtual keyboard and visual voicemail, making it one of the most hi-tech and user friendly mobile phones on the market. 

And, the Apple iPhone makes going online easy - there are 7,500 Wi-Fi hot spots, and you can do all the things you would do on your PC or laptop


  • Shop online
  • Watch videos
  • Send and receive emails
  • Pay bills
  • Do loads more with the hundreds of applications available for download


Find out more about the Apple iPhone, apply online, or compare it with other mobile phones using the links below: