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Aqua Credit Card

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The Aqua credit card is designed for people with CCJs, bad credit, those who don’t own their home, have a low income, or are not on the electoral roll. Been turned down for credit before? Need to get your finances back on track? Bad credit history? These could all be good reasons to apply for an Aqua credit card today. Aqua specialise in giving credit cards for people with bad credit who are:

  • Self-employed and find it difficult to prove a regular income
  • Working part-time or on a low income
  • At a new address or not on the electoral roll
  • Affected by a bad credit history, including County Court Judgments (CCJs)

Bad Credit Rating Credit Card Deals
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There are a variety of Aqua credit cards available to suit your circumstances, including:

  • The Aqua Classic credit card – help rebuild your credit history
  • The Aqua Advance credit card – keep to your credit limit, make repayments on time, and reduce your interest rate
  • The Aqua Reward credit card – earn 0.5% cashback on purchases

The main features of the Aqua credit card range include:
  • Easy payment for online shopping and paying bills - benefit from discounts when you pay online
  • Access to your money at home and abroad
  • The option to spread the cost of repayment over time
  • An interest rate that reflects your circumstances
  • Using your Aqua credit card responsibly, by making payments on time and staying within your credit limit, can help you to achieve a better credit rating. With the right strategy, you could improve your credit rating in as little as six months.
The Aqua credit card also offers the opportunity to improve your credit rating if you manage your account effectively, so you might be able to apply for credit cards offering better deals and lower APRs in the future. See the tables above to compare a range of credit cards for people with bad credit history.