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Bridging Loans

Loans from £25,000 to £10m

Bridging Finance from £25,000 for - residential property purchase, moving house, breaking mortgage chains, auction property purchase, property development, commercial property funding, paying tax liabilities to HMRC, Business funding.

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bridging loans
Latest Bridging Loan Deals
Bridging SpecialistLoan AmountsMax LTVLoan TermMonthly Interest RateGet Quotes
£50,000 to £2.5 million70%1 to 12 months0.59% to 0.73%More Info >
No minimum term and no early repayment charges; No minimum interest; Interest is rolled up (Repayments are payable on exit); Complete transparency at every stage – no unexpected rate increases or fees.
£50,000 to £10 million75%1 to 18 months0.65% to 0.99%More Info >
AVM (Automated Valuation Model) available for standard bridging products – Competitive products ranging from standard bridging to light and heavy refurbishment, rates start from 0.65%; Available on first and second charge; Experienced bridging finance underwriters; Extended Conveyancer Panel, all experienced in bridging finance transactions
£3 million to £250 million80%1 to 36 months0.65% to 1.10%More Info >
First and second charge bridging loans; non-regulated transactions only. Up to 80% in certain prime central London locations. London and the South-East only. High-quality residential property; Some commercial assets can also be considered. Bridging products are available to individuals, businesses and corporate entities – onshore and offshore.
£100,000 to £15 million+65%1 to 12 months0.69% to 1.19%More Info >
Bridging the gap between purchase and sale; Raising working capital; Downsizing; Portfolio restructuring; Term facility repayment; Asset purchase & / or refinance. Residential and mixed use security Land with planning considered; Minimum property value £150k England & Wales locations; No upper age limit; Individual, corporate and trust borrowers; Off shore borrowers welcome; Realistic and viable exit required.
£26,000 to £5 million75%1 to 24 months0.75% to 1.50%More Info >
Funding secured against property investment, commercial, land acquisitions and developments; Income sources including employed, self-employed, Limited Companies, Sole Traders, and Partnerships; Up to 100% funding with additional security; Multiple repayment options – including roll up payments, deferred payments, payments deducted and stage payments.
£30,000 to £5 million70%1 to 12 months0.79% to 1.45%More Info >
FCA Regulated lender. First charge lending in England, Wales and Scotland irrespective of LTV, property types and status. First charge lending on commercial property at 1.25% per month. LTV based on a combination of open market value and purchase price. Low valuation and legal fees. Daily interest. Most security considered, including residential and commercial. 100% LTV available on main security if additional security is provided. Now lending in Scotland (on a first charge residential basis only)



Geoff and Elizabeth Jones have owned their house for 25 years. Their three children have flown the nest and they want to downsize as the property is now too big for their current needs.

They find their dream cottage that requires some light refurbishment before they can move in but they do not want to wait for their existing property to sell as they may lose out to a rival homebuyer.


They spread the finance across both properties (finance is secured against the sum of both values) allowing them to benefit from a lower LTV (Loan to Value).

They complete the sale of their existing property six months later, pay down the regulated bridge and are happily settled in their new home and their brand new kitchen without the worry of waiting nervously through numerous property viewings and estate agent promises.


John and Kirsty have been married for three years and have started planning on having a family.

Their existing two bedroom semi-detached property is now too small and they wish to make the jump to a bigger property in an area closer to schools and other families.

Bridging Loans Casestudy

They found a four bedroom place that met their needs and needed to move quickly to secure the property.

However - their property was tied up in a long chain and they did not want to run the risk of losing the new property.  


They decided to take independent advice from their mortgage broker and agreed to apply for a regulated bridging loan that would plug their short term need for finance.

The bridging lender advanced the loan and rather than having to risk their chain collapsing they were able to secure their dream family home within 2 weeks. Their existing two bedroom property sold quickly and having secured a mortgage on their new home through their mortgage broker, they were able to use the funds to fully repay the regulated bridging loan with no early repayment charges. 

With bridging finance it is important you enter into this type of finance with a clear view of how you are going to repay this short term debt (also known as an exit strategy). 

Confidence in the fact that your property will sell within the desired time frame is crucial and research to this effect is important.  We recommend that you speak with an independent professional mortgage adviser to ensure that a regulated bridging loan is the right type of finance for you.

Call: 0117 313 7499 To speak to the Fair Mortgages Bridging Finance Team

Compare Bridging Loan Quotes

Our residential bridging loan service provides:

  • Market leading bridging loan quotes
  • Up to 70% LTV available on 1st charge; 75% on a 2nd charge
  • Bridging Loan amounts from £10,000 to £10 million (higher amounts are possible)
  • Completion possible within days not weeks

If you are interested in taking out a bridging loan finance can be arranged quickly – anything from 5 days depending on the bridging lender you use is possible and their process. Lenders will typically lend up to 75% loan to value on your existing property however this can be more depending on what other assets you have in the background.


What is achievable will depend on your circumstances - speaking to a bridging loan broker who can source lenders across the UK market to get you the right deal to discuss your needs and source quotes to help you find the best deal.

Why a Bridging Loan?

Bridging loans are very useful for short term finance and usually can be arranged very quickly. Bridging loan finance is suitable for acquiring property at auctions, funding the period between buying a new house and selling your old house, buying property for renovation and quick re-sale or other short term cash flow requirements.


Bridging Loan Information

  • Typically you will have equity in your property such that total borrowings do not exceed 75-80% LTV (loan to value). You can get a higher LTV than this but you will need to offer additional security.
  • You can be employed or self employed or in certain circumstances not working at all.
  • Interest will be quoted and charged on a monthly basis.
  • Typically there will be a completion fee for setting up the loan ranging between 1-2% of the loan as well as valuation and legal fees.
  • The bridging loan term can range from 1 month to 12 months.
  • The loan can be first or second charge on your property.
  • at the end of the term loan can be converted into a residential or commercial mortgage.
  • Bridging loans can be arranged for private individuals or companies.
  • Loans available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Call: 0117 313 7499 to speak to our bridging finance team.

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