Car Insurance with Previous Criminal Convictions

Car insurance if you have a previous criminal conviction is generally a lot more expensive than standard car insurance, but there are firms that provide competitive quotes on car insurance with criminal convictions - see the table below for a number of providers that could offer you car insurance:

Car Insurance - With Points and Previous Convictions
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There are many people in the UK looking for car insurance with previous criminal convictions and although there are some companies that offer help, getting cover will depend entirely on the type of conviction you have.

For example, the main criminal offence insurers will look out for is drink driving (DR10 to DR70). If you are caught driving whilst over the recommended alcohol limit, you are considered a much higher risk of having a future accident. You can expect that your premiums will be adjusted upwards significantly, and there will probably be little you can do about it.

There are some companies that can offer specialist car insurance to people with criminal convictions and this may help you to find a better deal. Some insurers recognise that just because you have a conviction does not mean you will re-offend.
There are car insurance companies that can help - see the quote providers listed in our table above.