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A commercial bridging loan is a short term loan providing the capital to purchase a property or section of land. Commercial bridging loans are available for a whole range of finance requirements, whether it be licensed premises, office blocks, land or residential properties, lenders will look at all types of security. Features of commercial bridging loans can include:

  • 12 month repayment period
  • Secured against a property
  • Up to 80% loan to value

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Latest Bridging Loan Deals
Bridging SpecialistLoan AmountsMax LTVLoan TermMonthly Interest RateGet Quotes
£50,000 to £2.5 million70%1 to 12 months0.59% to 0.73%More Info >
No minimum term and no early repayment charges; No minimum interest; Interest is rolled up (Repayments are payable on exit); Complete transparency at every stage – no unexpected rate increases or fees.
£50,000 to £10 million75%1 to 18 months0.65% to 0.99%More Info >
AVM (Automated Valuation Model) available for standard bridging products – Competitive products ranging from standard bridging to light and heavy refurbishment, rates start from 0.65%; Available on first and second charge; Experienced bridging finance underwriters; Extended Conveyancer Panel, all experienced in bridging finance transactions
£3 million to £250 million80%1 to 36 months0.65% to 1.10%More Info >
First and second charge bridging loans; non-regulated transactions only. Up to 80% in certain prime central London locations. London and the South-East only. High-quality residential property; Some commercial assets can also be considered. Bridging products are available to individuals, businesses and corporate entities – onshore and offshore.
£100,000 to £15 million+65%1 to 12 months0.69% to 1.19%More Info >
Bridging the gap between purchase and sale; Raising working capital; Downsizing; Portfolio restructuring; Term facility repayment; Asset purchase & / or refinance. Residential and mixed use security Land with planning considered; Minimum property value £150k England & Wales locations; No upper age limit; Individual, corporate and trust borrowers; Off shore borrowers welcome; Realistic and viable exit required.
£26,000 to £5 million75%1 to 24 months0.75% to 1.50%More Info >
Funding secured against property investment, commercial, land acquisitions and developments; Income sources including employed, self-employed, Limited Companies, Sole Traders, and Partnerships; Up to 100% funding with additional security; Multiple repayment options – including roll up payments, deferred payments, payments deducted and stage payments.
£30,000 to £5 million70%1 to 12 months0.79% to 1.45%More Info >
FCA Regulated lender. First charge lending in England, Wales and Scotland irrespective of LTV, property types and status. First charge lending on commercial property at 1.25% per month. LTV based on a combination of open market value and purchase price. Low valuation and legal fees. Daily interest. Most security considered, including residential and commercial. 100% LTV available on main security if additional security is provided. Now lending in Scotland (on a first charge residential basis only)

Case Study - Commercial Bridging Loan


Client had wound down their business and was left with some business related debt. The client was planning on selling their residential property and downsizing. They would use the proceeds of the sale to both purchase the downsized property and pay off the businesses debt.

The sale of the residential property fell through at the 11th hour leaving the client with no income and still with the business debt to service on a monthly basis.


We sourced the client a 12 month 2 charge bridge on their residential property behind their first charge mortgage. This gave the client the funds to pay off the business debt whilst giving them 12 months to sell their residential property and exit the bridging loan. Interest on the bridging loan was retained meaning there were no monthly payments to be made as they were added to the loan.

This meant for a better quality of life during the loan period for the clients and the peace of mind that they had a full 12 months to sell the property.