FirstSave Notice Savings Account

Get a great rate with a FirstSave notice account...

If you're looking for a competitive rate on your savings and don't mind giving a bit of notice when you want access to your money, then a FirstSave notice savings account could be what you're looking for.

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ProviderAccountInterest Rate (AER)TermApply


per annum

£1,000Apply Now >
Earn 1.80% gross/AER fixed for 3 years. Save £1,000 - £250,000. No withdrawals during the term. Individual or joint accounts available. FSCS Protected

Some of the features of a FirstSave notice savings account include:

  • Competitive interest rates, guaranteed
  • Online access to your account
  • Low minimum opening deposit
  • Annual interest on balances over £100
  • Monthly interest on balances over £5,000

You could make the most out of your money with a FirstSave notice savings account. But before you do, find out more about other leading UK saving deals - Click on the link below: