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Flood Cover & Contents Insurance

Flood Risk Home Insurance
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The Environmental Agency estimates that there are around 5 million people whose homes could be at risk of flooding. If you are one of these people, getting yourself flood cover and contents insurance is likely to be a priority. Flood cover and contents insurance is included in many buildings and home insurance packages. However, you are likely to face higher premiums if you live in an area that is deemed to have a higher risk of flooding than others. There are a number of ways to try and get around these higher premiums:


  • Firstly, you can make a number of improvements to your home that will make it more resistant to costly flood damage
  • Secondly, you can go to specialist insurers whose main products involve flood cover or contents insurance and begin getting flood insurance quotes from them directly.

With regards to the second option, the product comparison tables we have included on this page and others should help you get a good picture of what is on offer in the market. The first option outlined above is to make a number of home improvements in order to bring down the price of contents insurance and flood cover. Examples of the changes that could be made are:


  • Fitting one-way valves to piping systems to prevent water and sewage flowing back up them
  • Moving gas meters, electrical sockets and important documents above flood levels
  • Other defences are available such as flood barriers and features installed through landscape gardening

Flood cover and contents insurance are an important purchase for those who live in high risk areas. The comparison tables on this page are designed to make the task of getting the right policy quick and simple.