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Compare the best Halifax Mortgage Rates that suit your needs - With 5,000 Mortgage Deals available. Halifax offers a selection of mortgage products for first time buyers, home-movers and for those looking to remortgage. For the best Halifax mortgage rates see the table below or use our FREE Mortgage calculator above to compare the latest UK mortgage deal. Rates are updated daily.  Check out the latest Halifax mortgage rates for first time buyers, purchase and remortgage.

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About Halifax mortgages

Halifax mortgages offer a range of benefits such as:

  • Top mortgage deals – choose from a range of fixed or tracker mortgages whether you’re buying a home or remortgaging 
  • Flexible mortgages – whichever mortgage you choose, you can benefits from a range of special features designed to help you manage it more easily. 
  • Expert mortgage advisers – as well as helping you to arrange your mortgage, Halifax mortgage advisers can help you arrange a survey or help you find a solicitor to do the conveyancing. 
  • Easy application - once you’ve had an offer accepted, you can start your mortgage application online, over the phone, or in person at your nearest branch.

Different types of Halifax mortgage

Halifax provides a range of mortgage deals to suit a variety of buyers. Mortgage options available from Halifax include:

  • Fixed rate mortgages - interest rate is fixed for an agreed period of time
  • Tracker mortgages – the interest rate is linked to the Bank of England Base Rate for a set period
  • Remortgages  - Deals if you need to remortgage your home
  • Interest only mortgages – both fixed and tracker, available if you are borrowing less than 75% loan to value (LTV)
  • Buy to let mortgages – for people who want to buy a property to rent out
  • First time buyer mortgages – these mortgage can help you if you are looking to get on the housing ladder and include help to buy mortgage products

Use our FREE Mortgage calculator above to compare the latest UK mortgage deals.


The above mortgage products highlighted on this website are available directly through lenders who will be able to provide further information about the product you are interested in. If you are unsure about what mortgage product is suitable for you, we suggest you speak to an independent mortgage broker