ICICI Bank Fixed Rate Bonds

Compare ICICI Fixed Rate Bonds

ICICI fixed rate bonds offer competitive interest rates in return for fixed terms of varying length. So, if you can afford to be parted from your cash you could soon reap the rewards. You can compare leading fixed rate bonds against each other using the table below:

ProviderAccountInterest RateTermApply
1.30%Instant AccessMore Info >
MARKET LEADING. Earn 1.30% gross/AER. Open with £1. Unlimited free withdrawals. Interest paid monthly or annually. Manage your account online. Rate includes a 1.05% gross fixed rate bonus for 12 months from account opening. After 12 months the rate will revert to underlying rate, currently 0.25% gross/AER variable. FSCS protected
1.30%Instant AccessMore Info >
MARKET LEADING. Earn 1.30% gross/AER. Instant Access. No notice periods. Unlimited payments and withdrawals. Pay in from £100. RCI Bank are protected up to a total of €100,000 by the FGDR, the French deposit protection scheme. Manage account online.


Instant AccessMore Info >
Earn 1.17% AER variable interest. Interest can be paid monthly or annually. Open an account singly or jointly. Minimum deposit £1. Unlimited deposits and withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected
1.00%Easy AccessMore Info >
1.00% gross/AER on balances from £1,000 to £1 million. Unlimited withdrawals without restriction or loss of interest.


per annum

£5,000More Info >
Earn 1.80% fixed interest - 1 year term - Save from £5,000 to £500,000 - No additional deposits or withdrawals permitted -FSCS Protected


Gross AER

£500More Info >
Earn 1.70% fixed interest. 1 year term. Interest can be paid monthly or annually. Open an account singly or jointly. Minimum deposit £500. No withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected



Gross AER

£1,000More Info >
Managed Savings Service. Save time and hassle. 1 year term. Savers open one account with Octopus cash who then spread the money across some of the best challenger bank rates around. At the end of the term savers can either withdraw money or allow Octopus Cash to automatically switch accounts to the best rates on offer. FSCS Protected


per annum

£5,000More Info >
Earn 2.05% fixed interest - 2 year term - Minimum deposit £5,000 - No withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected


per annum

£500More Info >
Earn 2.00% fixed interest. 2 year term. Interest can be paid monthly or annually. Minimum deposit £500, Maximum deposit £250,000. No withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected


per annum

£5,000More Info >
Earn 2.25% fixed interest - 3 year term - Minimum deposit £5,000 - No withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected
Short Term Fixed Rate Bonds (0-2 years)
ProviderAccountInterest RateTermApply
1.30%Instant AccessApply Now >
  • Earn 1.30% AER Gross.
  • No penalties, fees or notice periods
  • Free unlimited payments and withdrawals
  • Deposit from £100
  • Interest paid monthly or annually
  • 7 day support
  • Covered by the French Depositor Compensation Scheme
  • Apply in minutes
  • Must be UK resident and aged 18 or older

 Features of ICICI Bank fixed rate bonds include:

  • A range of terms from 6 months to 5 years
  • Minimum deposit of £1,000
  • No maximum deposit limit
  • Choice of receiving interest monthly, quarterly or annually
  • The security of a fixed interest rate
  • You cannot make any early withdrawals or closures
  • No additional deposits can be made

Because Fixed term bonds usually require you to lock away your savings for a set amount of time it’s important to try and get the best choice for you, use the tables above to compare some of the different plans available. You may also want to consider other savings plans.

Alternatives to fixed rate bonds include

  • Tracker bonds – You may also wish to consider a tracker bond, Unlike fixed rate bonds the interest rates you receive can vary over the course of the bond if any changes are made to the Base Rate by the Bank of England. This means you may receive a better or worse rate of interest over the course of the bond.


  • Structured Deposits – As with a bond this plan requires you to tie up your savings for a set period of time, this type of plan usually offer better potential interest rates than a bond but your return is not guaranteed. Your return is usually dependant on how a index or indices perform over the period. If over the structured deposit’s term the index or indices it is tied to fails to perform in the way the deposit states then you will get your full deposit back but you will not receive any interest gains on it. Because you risk earning no interest on this type of plan you should carefully consider if it is the right choice for you before you lock your money away in it.


  • Savings Account – If you are looking into how you can earn interest on your savings but still also maintain access to them should you ever need them then an instant access savings account may be the solution to you. Although they do normally offer lower interest rates than bonds or structured deposits, they tend to offer unlimited free withdrawals meaning if you should ever need your savings you don’t need to worry about any forfeit for closing the account early.