Mercury Telecom

Mercury Telecom aim to provide a simple and competitive phone service to their customers within the UK. Established in 2003, Mercury aims to deliver “legendary” mobile phone deals and lowers their costs through the use of technology and telecommunications development.

Examples of Mercury Telecom services include:

  • Products that offer free calls to other Mercury customers at any time.
  • A number of different packages to suit varying calling habits, with monthly fees and call charges that aim to be lower than their main rivals.
  • Easy to use billing systems, giving one simple bill for your line rental and all your calls.

Click through to the free online comparison service below to compare Mercury Telecom directly with all the other leading telecom companies in the UK. The service matches your calling habits and circumstances with the deals presented by every product, displaying the companies that offer genuine savings for you and not only the shadowy “average customer” often referenced in advertisements.