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An insurance broker is there to help facilitate customers getting insurance in line with requirements. As a growing number of UK families have more than one car, many of them are turning their attention to multi car insurance. Car Insurance brokers may advocate this form of car insurance due to two main benefits that it confers upon consumers:

  • Multi car insurance premiums can often work out cheaper then having a number of separate insurance policies 
  • Having two or more vehicles insured on the same policy can make it substantially easier to manage

The internet age has transformed the way insurance brokers do business in the UK. These days’ price comparison websites often provide a first port of call for people looking for car insurance. Price comparison sites will have individual firms and broker car insurance firms on their panels to provide quotes across the market.

For multi car insurance when getting quotes from a broker customers should pay particular attention to:

  • Whether named drivers are insured to drive every named vehicle
  • Whether equal no claims discount are given to each vehicle added to the policy
  • The different policies companies have to changing cars throughout the lifespan of the insurance policy

These subtle details can make all the difference regarding multi car insurance and it is a broker’s job to help you with the small print to help you get an appropriate deal.

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