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Multi car insurance policies can turn out to have a number of benefits for households that have more then one vehicle in regular use. Multi car insurance policies are by no means a golden egg solution to the problems of high insurance premiums but comparing a number of different car insurance quotes can bring costs down.

Multi car insurance resembles buying anything in bulk; the fact that a number of products are being purchased at the same time means that each individual product can be sold at a reduced price. When compared to having separate car insurance policies for each vehicle, multi car policies have a distinct economic advantage. Many insurance providers will provide discounts for multi car insurance policies depending upon the number of individual vehicles being covered by the policy.
The other distinct advantage is that tying a number of vehicles down under a single policy makes the car insurance as a whole much more manageable. There will only be one date for payments, renewal and other important administration duties, freeing up time for other pursuits.

The main reason why we advise perspective buyers to compare a number of different car insurance quotes is that not all multi car insurance polices are the same and there can be gaps in coverage, meaning it is important that individual’s families needs are taken into consideration. 

  • Some policies do not insure each named driver to drive every vehicle that is listed in the policy
  • Generally, but not always, if a person makes a claim under the policy only their individual no claims discount is affected
  • The act of changing cars throughout the period of the multi car insurance policy is handled differently by different companies
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