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Phone Bills

Included in this section is information designed to help you calculate and reduce your phone bills. This can apply whether it is a phone bill for mobiles, landlines or a voice-over-broadband connection. Due to the competitiveness of the telephony market, a large number of providers now aim to undercut their rivals in particular areas of the market. This can be a significant cost saver depending on your calling habits, making it worthwhile to examine the various options available to you.

The comparison service available on this site shows you the phone provider that would best fit your needs, whether you want a landline, mobile or voice-over-broadband service. With different providers putting savings into different areas, the service matches up your calling habits with the prices of each provider. Rather than getting the best deal for the “average person”, this comparison service gets the best deal for you.

Click the link below to begin the comparison. For more information and reviews of particular providers, follow the individual links at the bottom of the page.