Phone Services

Phone services can now be obtained from a number of different sources:

  • Landline - The traditional form of telephone connection in this country, installed at the vast majority of properties. Provides phone services through cables running throughout the structure of the house.
  • Mobile phones - There are now more mobile phones in the UK then there are people. They operate wirelessly, communicating via a network of mobile phone masts set up throughout the country.
  • Broadband phones - A new technology that supplies telephone services over the Internet. An existing broadband connection is required, with other requirements present from certain providers.

Within these categories, phone services are offered by a wide number of providers in the UK marketplace. Customers are advised to shop around to find the deal that is right for them, with careful matching of their phone habits to the charges of the phone provider. More information on each of these markets is available through the links to the left and below.