Schroder Income Maximiser

The Schroder Income Maximiser aims to deliver an annual target yield while providing the prospect of some capital growth over the long term.

The fund Manager may selectively sell short dated call options over securities or portfolios of securities held by the fund or indices, in order to generate additional income by setting target 'strike' prices at which those securities may be sold in the future.

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Income Yield7.0%
Standard Initial Charge5.25%
Initial Charge after Discount0.00%
Simplified Prospectus

*Schroder Income Maximiser aims to generate an income of 7% per year. Annual target yield is adjusted quarterly and will change as capital values rise or fall. Yield is variable and not guaranteed. Target yield quoted is net of basic rate tax.

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Important Note: ISAs are designed as medium to long term investments of, for example, five years or more. For investment ISAs both capital and income values may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed and you may not get back all the money you invest. Please note that tax laws can change over time and can affect your investment. If you are in doubt you should speak to a financial adviser.

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