Skipton Business Savings Accounts

Skipton Building Society is a UK based building society that has been trading since 1853, and currently has around 830,000 members. Skipton business savings account deals are not currently available, however, there are a number of other providers offering competitive business savings accounts. To help you with your search for a suitable provider, we have compiled the following comparison table, with details on several other providers and the types of accounts that they offer:
Business Savings Selection
ProviderAccountRate TermApply
1.50%1 YearMore Info >
1.50% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
1.00%6 MonthsMore Info >
1.00% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. No withdrawals.
0.85%Easy AccessMore Info >
0.85% gross/AER. £1,000 minimum opening balance. Unlimited withdrawals.

Opening a business savings account could be an ideal way for your business to accrue interest on any surplus funds that it may have. By storing extra money in this account, you could be generating some significant extra capital for your business, while at the same time, maintaining a valuable safety net in the event of any unforeseen financial hardships.


A business savings account could also help to improve your business’ credit rating, showing banks and other companies that your business is both profitable and stable.  Certain banks may also require your business to have a savings account before they will lend you money.


If you are searching for an alternative to a Skipton business savings account, there are a number of account types to look out for. Some examples include:


Instant access

  • These savings accounts allow customers to withdraw funds from their account with very little notice required beforehand. This added flexibility is very useful for many business owners, although it should be remembered that interest rates for these accounts are often slightly lower compared with other account types


Fixed Rate

  • These account provide customers with a guaranteed fixed rate of interest over a set period, often at a highly competitive rate. However it is important to note that many providers may not allow customers to make any withdrawals before this period is up.

It is important to remember that there are a variety of other account types that may be widely available to customers. As such, researching and comparing business savings account offers from different providers is strongly recommended.