Temporary Car Insurance for Under 21s

It is widely accepted that young drivers will have to pay higher premiums on their car insurance.  Insurance providers consider 17-25 year olds to be the highest risk group of drivers on the road. Because of your lack of driving experience you are more likely to be involved in road accidents which mean you are more likely to make a claim.

Many companies will not offer temporary car insurance to anyone under 25, let alone 21 and most will not offer to 18 year old drivers at all. However, there are a growing number of companies that have considered lowering the age limit on temporary car insurance.

It may take a bit longer, but you are still likely to be offered a car insurance quote by a number of companies if you are sure in your mind what you need from your policy. 

Temporary Car Insurance Deals
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There may be many reasons for why you wish to take out temporary car insurance for under 21s. These could include:

  • Car use for a holiday
  • Moving house
  • Short term insurance whilst you are home from university
  • Practise for an upcoming driving test

You should expect that your premiums will be high, although a temporary car insurance policy will save you money due to its shortness. We advise that you:

  • Insure a basic car that has a small engine
  • Take safety measures (e.g. fitted alarms, locked garage etc)
  • Search a few temporary under 21s car insurance quotes in order to pick out the best deals.

Always read the small print to ensure that you are adequately covered. You could up paying more in premiums or paying more if you are involved in an accident if you do not take the time to carefully compare car insurance quotes.

Young Driver Car Insurance Quotes
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