Van Insurance In France

If you are just about to move to France, or are about to take a holiday for which you need to move a lot of stuff around, then you may wish to consider taking out van insurance policy in France, or a temporary policy in the UK that will be valid overseas. Feel free to use the table below to compare van insurance quotes:

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You may be able to find lots of different insurance companies who will be willing to provide you with information on temporary van insurance. However the important thing is how you compare van insurance quotes as much as possible in order to find a competitively priced offer from a provider.


France is a popular place for Britons to visit on extended holidays or to emigrate to. As such, funding van insurance in France should not be too difficult, however it is important to find a policy that is tailored to your individual requirements depending on the nature of your visit. 


Most policies will:

  • Allow you to extend your cover to Europe as long as you have a valid UK or EU driving license
  • Allow you to choose how long you are covered for, or possibly extend an existing policy further depending on the circumstances
  • Enable you to choose between third party cover (cover form damage caused to the van by somebody else) or comprehensive cover ( also covering accidental and malicious damage, fires and thefts


There may be a number of additional features to consider if you are looking for van insurance in France, but these will vary from company to company. This is why it is so important that you compare different van insurance quotes.


If you would like to have a 24 hour helpline or you would the cover to be instant the moment you apply online, you will have to look at a number of different policies for van insurance in France. Below we have provided you a good place to get started.