Apple iPhone Deals

A multimedia and Internet-enabled mobile phone that sold 270,000 in the first 30 hours after its launch in the United States, the Apple iPhone will soon be available to buy in the UK. Apple iPhone deals are expected to be available from O2 or Vodafone, with the phone itself costing around £300 for a 4GB model and £399 for an 8GB version. The iPhones specifications include:

  • A 4GB or 8GB flash drive
  • 3.5-inch widescreen
  • An internet browser with local Wi-Fi connectivity
  • An inbuilt multimedia player and 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours call time, 6 hours internet use, or 16 hours of audio playback.
  • User input through a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard
  • Visual voicemail

The phone is currently available in the US and Apple iPhone deals begin from $59.99 per month over a required 2 year period. The iPhone is priced in the US at $499 for the 4 GB model or $599 for the 8 GB model; it is anticipated to be available in the UK before Christmas 2007.