Apple iPhone O2 Packages

Those looking to combine the functionality of a mobile phone with the technology of the iPod, could find the solution in the Apple iPhone. O2 packages are now available in the UK and the company offers several tariffs so you can choose which one is most suitable, depending how much you use your phone each month. Apple iPhone O2 packages provide an 8GB memory capacity and incorporate Wi-Fi and EDGE connectivity. You can use the handset to:

  • Play back music, films, TV shows and podcasts
  • Use the internet, including sending and receiving emails
  • Take pictures with the two megapixel camera
  • Use the touch screen technology to move between screens

The different tariffs available allow you to:

  • Make use of 200, 600 or 1,200 voice minutes per month
  • Choose between 200 and 500 text messages each month
  • Take advantage of 7,500 Wi-Fi hot spots, unlimited data, visual voicemail and roaming

Compare Apple iPhone O2 packages to make sure you end up with the most appropriate deal for you.