Best Mobile Premium Current Accounts For 2020

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 30th May 2023

Looking for a mobile premium current account?

The latest generation of mobile app money management services are offering a new kind of flexibility:

  • instant confirmation of your transactions
  • tracking and categorisation of your spending patterns
  • easy savings with automatic round-ups on transactions, and multiple saving “pots” for different savings goals
  • low-cost foreign currency spending and currency transfers around the world
  • different currencies all in one account
  • dealing in cryptocurrencies

Are you a digital native?

The banking users targeted with these new services are easily identified by the benefits on offer:

they’re metro, mobile, tech-savvy international citizens and frequent travellers.

The variety of premium perks on offer from these online money management accounts include:

  • One day a month’s access to a WeWork space
  • Insurance cover for smartphone theft or accidental damage
  • Discounted rates on foreign currency transfers
  • Half-price on hiring the new Lime electric scooters and bikes in London and Milton Keynes
  • Easy trading in cryptocurrencies
  • And lots of travel-related benefits including:
    • International medical insurance
    • Flight delay and luggage insurance
    • Roll-up access to executive airport lounges

Problem-solving services

The new approach to money management shows in the problems which the digital service providers have identified – and have fixed:

  • You haven’t got proof of a permanent address
  • You don’t really know where your money goes
  • Saving is difficult and unappealing
  • It’s so annoying when you lose a card and cancel it, then find it an hour later
  • When your card really is lost or stolen it takes so long it takes for a replacement card to arrive

Keep it online

If you’re using an online money management service, it pays to be fully-digital.

At the less-than-premium levels of these services you can only make a limited number of cash withdrawals from ATMs before you start paying fees that can soon add up.

And some of them don’t allow you to pay in cash.

And just look at those cards

Of course, no one chooses a current account service because of how the debit card looks.

Do they?

But there’s no doubt that these new money cards have eye candy appeal, with sleek minimalist designs in translucent plastic, stainless steel or coloured metals.

Have a look at the functionalities that go with them: