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 4 out of 5 tenants hold landlords in high regard

4 out of 5 tenants hold landlords in high regard

25 November 2014 / by Isabel Buxton

The tenant-landlord relationship can sometimes be seen as one fraught with potential tension and misunderstanding – but a recent survey by Saga Home Insurance paints a rosier picture. 77% of tenants surveyed said that they had a positive opinion of their landlord, rating them as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, suggesting that relations are more harmonious than is commonly supposed.

Just 8% of tenants polled rated their landlords as ‘poor’ which Saga believe indicates that British landlords are “largely an ethical group”. It’s clear that being a conscientious landlord can lead to a ‘virtuous circle’ of attracting and retaining good tenants.

Fair Investment – helping tenants and landlords

Fair Investment Company can help both tenants and landlords to maintain the insurance cover they both need for mutual peace of mind. Our range of landlord insurance deals could help you to ensure that you’ve got comprehensive landlord buildings insurance in place before you let out your property. We can also help you to compare landlord contents insurance for furnished properties, legal expenses cover, and rent guarantee cover to keep you financially stable if your tenants miss rent payments or if the property is vacant for a long period of time.

Tenants, meanwhile, can protect their belongings with a contents insurance policy. Landlords are not legally obliged to cover your belongings in a rented property, so having your own comprehensive contents policy for tenants could help protect your possessions against theft or damage. Having contents is insurance in place can also help to reassure your landlord that you are a responsible tenant who will take good care of the property and any white goods or furnishings that they have provided.

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