Car insurance myths that could cost you money

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 22nd March 2024

Car insurance will be one of your biggest annual expenses: everyone wants to keep their premiums at a minimum. But if you try to shave costs too closely you could end up not having the cover you need – and the consequences can be severe.

A national police campaign has been targeting uninsured drivers this month using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

Avon and Somerset Police alone have already seized more than 2,000 vehicles this year for being uninsured. The force has released a list of the four most mistakes that people make when insuring their cars, which could land you in trouble.

1 Having comprehensive insurance means I can drive any car

Fact: Not all policies cover you for the use of other vehicles. You need specific Driving Other Vehicles (DOV) cover.

What could happen: If you’re not covered, police can seize the vehicle on the spot.

2 I’m covered driving to and from work

Fact: Your policy needs to cover you for “commuting.”

What could happen: If you have an accident your insurer may not cover you for any damage or injuries if it’s outside the terms of your policy.

3 I can make my mum or dad the main policy-holder to cut my premiums

Fact: If you’re the main driver of the car this is “fronting” and it counts as fraud. The main driver should also be the policy-holder.

What could happen: Your insurance provider could void your policy or increase your future premiums. If you’re found guilty of fraud you’ll get a criminal record.

4 My car broke down and it’s a write-off. I won’t be driving it so I can cancel the insurance

Fact: Keeping a vehicle without insurance is an offence. It either has to be insured or off the road and declared as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

What could happen: You’ll be sent an Insurance Advisory Letter (IAL). If you don’t take action you’ll receive severe penalties.

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