Contract Phone

Contract phones are available from mobile phone providers based around the UK. The market has become both huge and intensely competitive in recent years, to the point where there are now more mobile phones in the UK than there are people. Newer services, such as video messaging or camera phones, are introduced at regular intervals with many catching on in the public’s imagination.

The contracts offered with a phone can vary depending on what you want from your phone. Everything from basic phone packages offering Pay-as-you-Go services to subscription-based video services are available, with the options you have to choose from including:

  • Free minutes and reduced rates to certain numbers and locations.
  • The ability to have video conversations with those who have similar phones.
  • Free TV clips and features that can be downloaded from the mobile network or the Internet.
  • Discounted contract phone deals at the start of a yearly subscription, with the option for upgrades at the end of each contract term.
  • Free picture or text messaging, allowing you to communicate in whatever fashion you wish.
  • Pay-as-you-Go charging with no monthly fee, where you pay only for the calls you make.

There are a number of different makers of mobile phones, and a number of different networks within the UK that run the infrastructure for these phones to work on.