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Amex launches new Nectar card

16 September 2005
American Express has launched a new Nectar card designed to enable customers to earn more points than before.

The 15.5 million UK households collecting Nectar points will now be able to earn double points by handing over their Nectar card when they pay by American Express

Director of price comparison website,, Richard Mason said: “American Express is likely to scoop up any ex-Barclaycard customers who used their credit card to accrue Nectar points. This is a sensible move by Amex given many credit card users were disappointed when Barclaycard pulled out of the Nectar scheme alliance in July this year.”

The new card allows users to earn four points for every £1 spent – two points for every £1 on the Nectar card and two points for every £1 spent on their credit card.

The new points scheme gives holders an equivalent return of two per cent off of shopping at Sainsbury’s, Argos and Debenhams, plus the opportunity to earn rewards such as transatlantic flights and cinema tickets.

Cardholders will also be able to take out supplementary cards on their account to boost the earning power of their Nectar credit card from American Express.

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