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Brits blow billions on birthdays

18 March 2006
Although Brits may be bad when it comes to saving for a rainy day, it would seem they don’t mind planning ahead when it comes to splashing out on a big birthday bash.

A survey conducted by finance firm Mint found that savvy spenders were using their credit cards to ensure they could celebrate getting a year older in style.

For example, the survey showed that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of Birthday boys and girls bought a new outfit for their big day, with 22 per cent throwing a party.

A similar number of people (18 per cent) even treated themselves with a special trip abroad.

Between them Brits are spending some £1.6 billion on their birthdays, or around £50 each, and that’s before the presents from others start to pile up.

But 14 per cent confessed that they start to plan at least a month beforehand, which helps them to budget.

Jerry Toher, Mint’s managing director, said: “In our survey, close to a third of people, (31 per cent) said they used their birthday as an excuse to celebrate and it’s clear they’re looking for something more than a cake and a few candles these days.

“But far from being extravagant in their spending, people are planning months rather than days in advance. In doing so, they are carefully managing short term expenditure over a period of time using clever means, such as credit cards, to do this.”

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