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Charity credit cards popular with ethical consumers

05 July 2007
Affinity credit cards which link customers’ borrowing and payments to donations to a chosen charity are a “popular choice” with today’s ethically aware consumer, the Co-operative Bank has confirmed.

Co-operative’s affinity card account gives a donation to the bank at the point when the account is opened, then makes another donation when the account is used within the first six months, explained Catherine Turner, the bank’s public relations officer.

The sum the elected charity receives will depend on the sum of money spent or transferred using the account, too, she added.

With the Co-operative affinity accounts, Ms Turner explained: “25p is donated for every £100 spent, plus 25p for every £100 transferred.”

This week, also commended the affinity card offered by American Express Red, which allows customers to give money to combat AIDS in Africa.

Meanwhile, Michelle Slade, analyst at, commenting on the launch of Barclaycard’s environmentally friendly credit card, ‘Breathe’, described Co-operative Bank and Smile as the “the only other main green/ethical players in the credit market”, though operating through more traditional charity donation schemes.

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