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Credit cards get football crazy in time for FA Cup Final

18 May 2005
As the FA Cup Final approaches fast, price comparison website has compared the best football affinity credit cards available.

Arsenal walks away with the trophy for the best deal according to the website, as it offers nine months at zero per cent for balance transfers, compared with six months on the majority of other cards.

Indeed, reveals that Arsenal is the only club to offer a slightly different affinity credit card deal, whilst most others offer identical six month, zero per cent introductory deals and a standard APR of 15.9 per cent.

“There is no greater loyalty than that of a committed football fan,” comments Stuart Glendinning, director of credit cards at

“The kudos of holding your club’s card in your wallet is understandable, yet football fans would be well advised to check exactly what benefits they will derive with their team card compared with the benefits available on a normal non-affinity credit card on the market.”

Unlike other types of affinity cards, such as charity cards, football cards are not rewarded for spending undertaken, adds.

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