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Credit culture fueled by need

28 September 2004
Consumers find it difficult to get on top of their debt because their spending habits are dictated by necessity rather than their own extravagance, according to new research.

The popular image of Brits happily piling up debts to support a lavish lifestyle would appear to be far from reality.

A Bradford and Bingley study found that 13 million people or 38 per cent of overspending adults claim the reason they live beyond their means is that their salary isn’t enough to live on.

“The research reveals that the majority of people are aware of their debts – but they simply don’t earn enough not to rely on credit,” said Bradford & Bingley analyst Michael Senior.

“This will have severe consequences for many, as the problem is only likely to be compounded month by month.”

The UK’s debt mountain is now thought to have exceeded £1 trillion.
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