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Low standard rate credit cards rise in popularity

30 June 2005
Credit card holders are increasingly opting for low standard rate deals, which are now second in popularity only to zero per cent balance transfer deals.

Price comparison website found that there had been a 25 per cent increase in demand for low standard APR credit cards over the last year.

Seven cards across providers now over low flat rates below ten per cent APR, the website found.

“There has been an enormous uplift in the number of people exploring the best deals for low flat rate cards,” said Richard Mason, director of credit cards at

“It may be that people don’t want, nor have the discipline, to be savvy rate tarts over the longer term, especially now that many zero per cent cards have started to impose balance transfer fees.”

A low flat standard rate card can be a godsend for those who are not disciplined enough to keep switching cards, but want to keep their debts as low as possible.

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