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MoneyExpert: Check your credit card for travel cover

01 March 2007
Some holidaymakers are at risk of paying for travel insurance twice over, has warned, after research found that many British consumers are unaware their travel insurance could be covered by their credit card.

Three quarters of all cards on the market offer travel insurance cover to customers who purchase part or all of their holiday on their card, according to

And card companies have improved the appeal of the travel insurance offer on their cards recently, the study found, with £23,000 more travel accident insurance cover now available on the average credit card than ten months ago.

Card holders are now covered to the tune of £107,547 on average.

“Credit card providers are always looking for ways to keep their customers,” remarked Sean Gardner, chief executive of, adding: “You should check what your card offers.”

Some platinum credit cards could offer as much as £350,000 in travel insurance, while only 56 cards on the market, a minority, do not provide travel insurance automatically.

Nevertheless, independent financial advisers recommend customers to verify that any travel insurance cover on their credit card protects them comprehensively for the duration of their trip.

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