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Morgan Stanley predicts more credit card spending

25 January 2007
Credit card spending will be 68 per cent higher than last year in the first quarter of 2007, Morgan Stanley has predicted, with Britons spending on average £1,228 on their cards.

Most spending will go on essentials, with home and car spending topping the list (at £377) followed by groceries (£341).

Luxury holidays will set Britons back £285 each in the next three months, the study finds.

But repayment figures have soared at the same time, the bank claims, finding that Britons are repaying more debt than at any time since 1998.

Morgan Stanley’s Patrick Muir, marketing director of the bank’s credit card, claims that the figures show an “increased confidence in the use of credit cards as a financial aid”. recently revealed that as many as 150 credit cards in the UK allow customers to transfer their balance across for 0 per cent interest, providing a potent incentive to switch to a card with more reasonable interest rates.

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