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M&S; Money: Credit cards even more popular

05 December 2005
Brits are more in love with their credit cards than ever and are increasingly using them to buy small, everyday items, says M&S; Money.

The financial services provider found in a survey that almost a third of UK consumers use their credit cards to buy coffee, sandwiches and magazines.

Around 12 per cent of cardholders are so used to making payments with their cards that they are happy to pay for transactions as low as £3, says M&S; Money.

Commercial director at M&S; Money, David MacKay, said: “Consumers are clearly more card-savvy today and are comfortable using plastic for small as well as large purchases.”

M&S; Money says that since the launch of their chargecard in 1985, almost 20 per cent more of the population owns a credit card, meaning that half of all Brits now use them regularly.

The M&S; Money survey found over half of people use them more often because they are more convenient and just over 40 per cent think they are safer than cash.

A quarter of people are attracted by the rewards they can gain from using their card while 16 per cent says it helps them organise their spending better.

M&S; Money launched its &MORE; black credit card this year, which offers customers zero per cent pa on balance transfers for six months after the account is opened and helps customers make savings on holiday and M&S; furniture purchases.

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