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‘Smug marrieds’ can save money, Morgan Stanley Credit Cards reveals

15 April 2005
If your idea of a great Saturday night is a few hours in front of the TV with your husband or wife, you have even more reason to be a ‘smug married’, according to new research from Morgan Stanley Credit Cards.

Morgan Stanley found that married and cohabiting couples improve their financial security by staying in more – saving an average of £2,548 a year by choosing nights in over wild nights out in bars and clubs.

According to the survey, people in committed relationships tend to hit the town once a week, whilst singles have more of an incentive to get out and party twice a week.

Couples who don’t live together have the most active social lives, Morgan Stanley reveals, going out three times a week on average and spending £4,056 a year on going out, compared with £1,058 for married couples.

It isn’t a good idea to become too smug a married couple, however. Denise Knowles, a counsellor with Relate, told the Guardian that sometimes couples who always stay can become “quite staid.”

“People say, ‘it’s so boring, we don’t do anything’,” Ms Knowles said. “They get into the proverbial rut and that can cause conflict. They can become uninteresting people to have around because they don’t have much to talk about.”

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