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Change your boiler, cut your bills

23 March 2007
Installing a condensing boiler to provide your home’s hot water and central heating is a green option that is also soft on your wallet, the Telegraph has advised.

Condensing boilers redirect the hot exhaust gases emitted back into the heating system, using the same source of energy twice instead of simply releasing high temperature gases into the atmosphere.

If every Briton with gas central heating installed a condensing boiler, CO2 emissions countrywide would be slashed by 17.5 million tonnes a year, the paper calculated – while customers would save £1.3 billion annually.

Energy bills would tumble by at least 25 per cent per customer if they adopted a condensing boiler, the paper predicted.

But the cost of getting the high-efficiency boiler installed can act as a deterrent for many homeowners –an initial capital outlay of £1,500 is needed.

Nevertheless, that sum is just £100-£300 more than buying a new gas boiler, and prices are falling all the time, according to the National Energy Foundation.

Around 50 manufacturers and importers now market condensing boilers in the UK.

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