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Cheap broadband subscribers ‘beware’

07 February 2008 / by None
Consumers who are paying for cheaper broadband should be wary as they may not be receiving the connection speeds promised to them, an analyst has warned.

While many people are taking advantage of falling broadband prices, it has been claimed that such reduced rates could come at a cost, reports Computeractive.

Commenting on the problem, Ian Fogg, director of Jupiter Research, said: “As Computeractive research has shown, consumers are not actually getting the speeds promised. They are just paying for ‘up to’ marketing promises, rather than for actual speeds.”

He added that reduced prices could also result in the UK’s infrastructure becoming static as internet service providers try to keep costs low.

Jupiter Research claim that the prices for broadband will continue to fall as it is a highly competitive market and consumers are constantly looking for the best deal, the report continues.

In related news, Sky Broadband has reported a 28 per cent growth in customers in the last quarter.

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