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EU mobile roaming charge cuts ‘fast-tracked’

15 March 2007
Mobile phone network operators across Europe will soon be forced to reduce their roaming charges as the European Council decided this week to ‘fast-track’ an agreement with providers.

The EU Commissioner for Information, Society and Media, Viviane Reding, called last month for capped roaming charges.

Now a “political agreement on ambitious reduction of roaming tariffs by summer is now within reach”, she announced.

The news from Brussels is “very welcome” for British customers, who face some of the highest roaming charges in Europe,’s head of mobile phones Rob Barnes commented.

The capped charges, expected to come into effect next month, would slash call costs for a customer making 100 minutes of outgoing calls and receiving 100 minutes of incoming calls by £55 for Orange and £65 for T-Mobile and 3 customers.

Total savings for O2 customers, meanwhile, would reach a heady £153 for 200 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls.

Meanwhile, there are other ways to cut the amount you spend on calling while abroad, Mr Barnes noted, including ‘roaming bundles’ such as the O2 Chosen Country tariff which can save you over £1 per minute or the Vodafone Passport service.

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