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Government sets out water strategy

03 December 2007
Environment minister Phil Woolas has set out the next steps in an action plan to deliver greater water efficiency.

The plans included the continued operation of the Water Saving Group (WSG), consisting of a number of industry bodies with the aim of encouraging consumers to use water more efficiently, saving money as well as water.

Mandatory water efficiency targets for water companies are also planned for 2010, and the government is looking at rainwater harvesting and water recycling projects too.

“Water is a valuable resource,” commented Mr Woolas on unveiling the new strategy.

“Our supply is limited, but pressure on it is likely to keep rising. We have to be cleverer about how we use water, and that means being more efficient and wasting less.”

He added that the WSG had already scored some successes in improving water use efficiency, and that the new plans simply aimed to build on those past achievements.

However, according to recent figures from uSwitch water companies are continuing to lose up to 3.4 billion litres of water a day though cracked pipes.

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