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Mobile phone cashback deals ‘hampered by conditions’

28 September 2007
Complex terms and conditions of cashback mobile phone deals mean many consumers are unsuccessful in attempting to reclaim their money, it has been suggested.

According to research by, 29 per cent of mobile phone users have not been able to get all of their money through cashback offers.

Some 37 per cent of those polled said terms and conditions attached to such deals were unfair, with one in ten claiming they have not received any cashback.

As a result, has launched a campaign in order to help consumers in their battle against retailers failing to fulfil their cashback promises.

Rob Barnes, head of mobiles at, said people are increasingly faced with a “nightmare” through retailers who delay repayments or ignore claims.

He said retailers are increasingly offering “high sums of cash” in a bid to attract new customers, but that they factor in that a proportion of customers will not claim cashback.

“This can be for a number of reasons such as forgetting to claim, only claiming the first instalment or being put off by the complex terms and conditions,” Mr Barnes said.

The mobile phone retailer pockets any money not claimed; only the customer will lose out.

Earlier this month, first direct claimed there are now more mobiles than people in the UK, with one in ten Britons owning at least four mobiles.

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