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‘Most mobile cashback deals are a con’

19 October 2007
Many cashback offers from mobile phone companies are not what they seem and are best avoided, it has been claimed.

Actually getting the cash from the company once a deal has been signed can be a battle through complex contract terms, according to

The price comparison site advises consumers to avoid redemption cashback offers and plump for guaranteed cashback deals instead.

According to a survey undertaken by the site, one in four people with cashback deals have had difficulty obtaining their money.

And one in ten have not received any money at all, despite some being due under the contract term. identified a number of practices which may make it difficult for consumers to get their money back under a cashback scheme.

These include only allowing claims on certain months of the contract, requiring paperwork to be faxed or posted and taking up to 45 days to process claims.

Meanwhile, it has been widely reported that mobile phones may soon be allowed on aircraft in Europe following an Ofcom ruling.

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